412 W Sealy Ave 

Monahans, TX 79756

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The 1st Annual Admiration CrossFit Lift-Off is here! On September 28th, we are inviting all of our athletes to compete in our very first in-house competition. Men’s and Women’s divisions! EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE!

The Lift-Off will consist of 6 different Olympic/Weightlifting movements or complexes at a CrossFit style pace! 3 attempts per lift, 1 minute per attempt! Scores will be determined by successfully completing a weight lifted and the weight of the athlete! Example: 205 lb athlete completes a 375 lb back squat. 375/205=1.82. The athlete with the highest score at the end of the day will be crowned the winner! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes and a community voted Spirit of Admiration prize will be handed out.

The Lift-Off is a great way to participate in a competition with your friends, achieve new PR’s, and spend time exhibiting your progress!

Registration is $15 per athlete and will cover prizes and the post-event Burger Cookout!

Registration deadline is 9/27/19.

We will announce all the lifts on social media so keep your eyes peeled!

Shirts are being designed and will be shared on social media ASAP.



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