116 E. Sealy Ave 

Monahans, TX 79756



CrossFit classes are performed with attention in mind. All our classes have a personal training approach, which means that you will have the eyes and ears of a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer for the entirety of your workout session. This gives us the ability to personally motivate each one of our members. You'll soon discover too that the community is one of motivation and support. Our Admiration community is special.


A Break From The Routine

CrossFit is all about busting up the routine. It is our belief that routine is the enemy, which is why so many people struggle to see the results they are looking for in a traditional exercise approach. With CrossFit, it's something new every day, every week, which will help you break through the plateaus, lose more fat, increase your cardiovascualr endurance, and build more lean muscle mass.



We promise every minute you spend with Admiration CrossFit will make a difference in your life – whether it’s working on a specific goal or overall improvement.


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